How to create a return package

Return packages are created using the Create Return Package wizard.  You can launch the wizard from any view in Trados Studio by selecting Project > Create Return Package from the menu bar. You can also select files that you want to include in the package in the Files view and right-click and select Create Return Package from the shortcut menu.

If you opened a project package from another translation management application in Trados Studio, when you create a return package it will automatically create it in a format that you can upload back to that application. See Supported Package Formats for more information.

When you create a return package it only includes the project files and not the translation memory, termbases or AutoSuggest dictionaries. A return package contains files for which a manual task has been completed. For example, the files are translated or reviewed files. A return package can include some of the translated or reviewed files or all of the translated and reviewed files that were originally sent in the project package.

A return package can also contain files that need further work. For example, if a reviewer receives translated files in a package and they review the files and find that one of the translations is incorrect, then they can return that file to the translator in a return package to correct the translation.