Trados Studio crashes as soon as you open it

It is rare but you might encounter with you Studio crashing as soon as you open it. Well, no problem, many a time it is just due to the fact that the program crashed,  your computer forced it to shutdown or there was a power outage and you did not have the time to close it. Then the xml file containing the list of projects gets corrupted and all you have to do it erase it to force Studio to generate a new one. Here are the instructions:

Go to you documents folder

Clic on your Studio 2014 folder

Locate the projects folder and delete the Projects.xml file

Now, when you open your Studio you won’t see any projects, but fear not! They are just not listed as you erased the corrupted list, all you need to do is get into the folder of each project you want back on the list and clic on the project file and double-click the file that looks like a file cabinet (see picture), this will add the project back to your Studio Projects.