Informações sobre licenciamento

This page contains answers to questions regarding licensing that are frequently asked by SDL clients.

Single-user Licenses

Can I use my SDL Trados Studio 2017 license to license SDL Trados Studio 2015?No, SDL Trados Studio 2017 is unable to also activate SDL Trados Studio 2015. You can upgrade your license and receive a new licensing code.I purchased an upgrade to SDL Trados Studio 2017, how do I get my license?You have to deactivate the license on your older SDL Trados Studio version, log in to your SDL account and upgrade the license. For more information, see Upgrading your license

Network Licenses

System requirements

What technology does the SDL License Server Manager use?The SDL License Server Manager is based on third-party technology from SafeNet. It uses the TCP/IP protocol for dispensing licensing seats across the network.Can I have both the Licensing Server Toolkit (Nalpeiron) and the new SDL License Server Manager (SafeNet) installed onto the same computer?Yes, you can have the two licensing servers installed on the same machine. This can be useful if, for example, you want to have Trados Studio 2014 connecting to the Nalpeiron server and Trados Studio 2017 SR1 connecting to the SafeNet server.Can I install the 2014 SafeNet-based license manager on the same computer as the new SDL License Server Manager (also SafeNet)?No. Both systems use the same licensing technology, but due the changes made to the 2015 license server manager, each license would need to have its own SDL License Server Manager installed on a separate machine.On what operating systems (OS) can I install SDL Licensing Server Manager?You can install Licensing Server Manager on a Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2. Make sure you have the licensing computer turned on when users request network license seats.Can I install the License Server Manger on UNIX OS?No, License Server Manager does not support UNIX OS.

Network connection

Which port allows communication between the client computer and the license server?To enable communication with the license server, open port UDP 5093 on the computer where the SDL product is installed.Can I change the default port number?Yes. To change the default port number, open the Safenet License Manager application (WlmAdmin.exe) and go to Edit > Preferences > Server Port.What information do client users need for connecting to the license server?To connect to the license server manager and activate an SDL product with a network license, the client users need the short computer name, the fully qualified address (less than 40 characters) or the IP address of the license server. For more information, seeConnecting to the license server to consume a network license seat.Can I connect to a license server from a Remote Desktop environment?Yes. When you are using an SDL product on a virtual machine and you want to activate it with a network license, the licensing server grants you a license seat just as if you were connecting from a physical computer.Can I connect to a license server via Remote Desktop Services?Yes. When using Remote Desktop Services, you can only activate SDL products with a network license. Each user session consumes one network seat.Can I install the SDL License Server Manager on the same computer where the SDL product is installed?Yes.Can I install an SDL product on a virtual machine (VM) and connect to the SDL License Server Manager?Yes. You can also install the SDL product on a VM and access the license server from there.Does network licensing support VPN connections?Yes, License Server Manager supports accessing network licenses over private network (VPN) connections.Can I connect to a network-licensing server over the internet?Yes.Does network licensing work over multiple network segments?Yes. The network license server and the client machine do not need to be on the same network. As long as there is direct communication between the two hosts and the client can access the network server via the port, network licensing works over multiple network segments.Can clients connect to the licensing server using the alias name (CNAME) of a server?Yes. If you do not want users to know the real name of your server, you can configure an alias name for it. Clients are still able to connect to the server and activate their SDL product using the alias name instead of the real hostname.

Activating the license server manager

Can I split my network license to be used on different servers?

Yes, when activating online, you have to specify the number of activations that you wish to use. Once activated, you can then activate the remaining number of activations on your second server.

For offline activation, you can still specify number of users, but you would do this through the License section of your SDL Account.

Serving and monitoring licenses

Can I see how many licenses are in use and who checked them out?Yes. For instructions on checking who is using your network license seats, see Monitoring Clients and Licensing Information.What happens if the running client loses connection to the license server?The SDL product shows the Product Activation dialog and requires the client to restore the connection or exit the application.Can I withdraw a license from a specific user?No. To free up a license seat, ask the client user to return the network license seat. For more information, see Disconnecting from the license server.What is the timeout for idle license seats?If there is no activity detected from the SDL product for more than 5 minutes, the license seat is automatically returned to the license pool. This is to avoid licenses being stranded on a client computer after a crash, a power failure or a connection problem.Am I able to borrow all the purchased license seats?You will not be able to borrow the last license seat available on the network license. This is because connecting to the server in order to borrow a license already requires a license seat. Borrowing is not possible without an available license seat. The seat required for the connection is returned back to the license pool immediately after the server grants the borrowed license.Do I need access to the licensing server in order to return a borrowed license?No, once the borrowing limit is reached, the license is automatically returned to the server.