No es posible reinstalar o actualizar Studio

The following error message appears when you are trying to install SDL Trados Studio 2017/ 2019:

Setup detected a higher version of this product already installed. If you still wish to install this version, you must remove the other version first.

Root Cause

Remove suite of products version is higher than the installer version .
The issue might be caused by an incorrect uninstall of the product (right clicking on the product and selecting “Uninstall” instead of using the “Remove suite of products” option from Control Panel > Programs and Features).
This is logged as a bug for SDL Development under CRQ-11541


1.Perform a manual installation: Install the main components of Studio

All separate installers are available in the Modules folder:SDL Trados Studio 2017 (or higher): C:ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLTradosStudio2017\modules:TranslationStudio5.msiWorldServerComponents.msiTradosCompatibility2.msiSDL Trados Studio 2019 (or higher): C:ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLTradosStudio2019\modules:TradosCompatibility2.msiWorldServerComponents.msiTranslationStudio15.msi After installing  the main components, SDL Trados Studio 2017\2019  should work correctly on your computer.​Cannot find path in the resolution steps?If you do not see the folder path or files mentioned in this article it’s an indication that you cannot see hidden files and folders. Please refer to the following KB article to enable the view of hidden files and folders: Download the latest version for Studio 2019\ for Studio 2017 SR1 and run the automatic installer:

In order to apply the second workaround, please click the FTP path in the Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2019 article linked below:

In order to apply the second workaround, please follow the FTP path found in the Cumulative Updates for SDL Trados Studio 2017 SR1 article linked below: :