¿Qué hacer si por algún motivo no pudiste desactivar tu licencia?

Self Service option in My SDL to reset Single User license for SDL Trados Studio 2011 and 2014



You want to return your activation code for SDL Trados Studio 2011/2014 Freelance (Plus), but get the following error message:

LicenseNumberAlreadyUsed -23

You have read and tried the instructions in KB article #3925, but the offline deactivation failed.


For all SDL Trados Studio 2011 Freelance, SDL Trados Studio 2011 Freelance Plus, SDL Trados Studio 2014 Freelance and SDL Trados Studio 2014 Freelance Plus users who have an activation code to license their software, SDL has introduced a Self Service option in the Products & Plans > Licenses section of the “My SDL” Account. This allows you to return your activation code without having to contact the SDL Licensing Team. The license is then available for use.


  • For SDL Trados Studio Freelance Plus users: this functionality is only available when all codes are in use and you have no extra activation available any more.
  • For SDL Trados Studio Professional users: this tool is not available for Professional users. Please contact SDL Support – refer to the Note section below.

To use the Self Service feature:

  1. Go to the Products & Plans > Licenses section of your “My SDL” Account.
  2. Find the version 2011 or 2014 activation code that you have not been able to return using the usual process as described in KB article #3925.
  3. Click Return License:
  4. In the Return License window click Force Return:

    NOTE: If you do not see the Force Return link, you have an SDL Trados Studio Freelance Plus license and you did not use all your available activations yet. The link only appears if you have used all your activations.

  5. Some activation codes allow for more than one activation, so you need to select the relevant fulfillment ID. In most instances there will only be one. Click Force Return behind the relevant fulfillment:
  6. After you have returned the license, you will see the line Return of license successful. Thank you. Your activation has been successfully returned. Click Licenses link to return to the overview of available activation codes:
  7. You will now see that your activation code is no longer in use and can be used again:

NOTE: If you have an SDL Trados Studio Freelance Plus license, you will see the same as shown in the image of step 3: Users-1, In use-1, Available-0.
This is because you have just one single code, but your code can be activated twice. When you force return your Plus license, the SDL licensing administration system sees the installation ID of that particular machine and will only make that one available again for use; it does not affect the activation on the other machine.

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