SDL Trados Studio arroja el error “System.OutOfMemoryExceptino”

The ‘out of memory’ message doesn’t mean the file is too big to store. System out of memory refers to RAM. So, have you tried closing the project and Studio and rebooting your system?

If you cannot save your file … unable to export a 10 MB word file.

I presume you mean you cannot ‘save Target as’ to Word, rather than being unable to save your SDLXLIFF file.

Sometimes this can be due to tag content not being transferred properly from Source to Target – so, did you perform a verification with Tag Verifier?

Also, without opening the project, you could select the file under the Files view, right-click on it, select ‘Batch Tasks’ then ‘Generate Target Translation’ in the second popdown menu, as here:

If that doesn’t work…

Frequently when a Word-based translation fails to save Target it is due to something in the Word file itself. Particularly if it is a large/complex file.

It is always best to try to save Target as from SDLXLIFF straight away before translation. That way if there is an error or incompatibility, you can go back to the Word file BEFORE translation, to try to solve it. 

You can still test this – if you set up a new project with the same file and then save Target as, and it fails, this will show it’s the Word file that is the problem.

So, if it is the Word file itself, first of all, if the Word file was in .doc format, save it as .docx 

You could also save the file with a new filename. This is also a way to remove some unnecessary background content.

Then repeat the test with a new project. If that works, create a new memory and clean the first translation to it. Then you can pretranslate with that memory and it shouldn’t take too long before you have a file that works.